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Q: How many treatments will I need? 

A: With Acupuncture, Massage and Manual therapies - Depends on the individual and their specific circumstances. It can vary from one treatment to a course of treatments or even maintenance for an ongoing condition, according to different aspects, such as the complaint someone is suffering from and how long they may have had the problem.


With Shockwave therapy, this requires 3 - 6 sessions and is dependant on what it is for.

Q: What sort of clothing should I wear?

A: Comfortable loose clothing, to stop restriction of movement is most suitable to wear for treatments at my practice.

Q: Will the treatment be painful?

A: On occasions it is possible to feel some tingling sensations during acupuncture or some tightness from the cupping therapy and tenderness / soreness from massage, especially when a person comes for treatment and they are already in a reasonably bad way but generally not much pain will be experienced throughout the treatment. I do not use any heavy, forceful or dangerous manipulations, such as forcing cracking of the skeletal system.


Shockwave therapy can be painful but definitely not unbearable because the level of energy transmitted can be controlled depending on each individuals pain tolerance. Generally Focused Shockwave therapy is less painful than the Radial. It is more tolerable. 

Q: How long will the treatment session last?

A: That depends on what type of treatment you book. I offer 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions to cater for all sorts of different ailments, depending on how long a person requires for their specific issues. Shockwave sessions usually take 20/25 minutes per session. 

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: I accept payment with both cash and debit / credit cards - Including Google and Apple pay.

Q: Does E4 Body Clinic have a Privacy Policy?

A: Yes, you can read through my Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Q: Can gift vouchers be bought for someone as a present?

A: Yes, gift vouchers are available to purchase. Please send us a message or call for more details.

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