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Below are a list of therapies with a brief description that I offer here at E4 Body Clinic. Information on Shockwave Therapy can be found on its on specific page here.

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Massage, Acupuncture, Cupping

and Manual Therapy

£45 - 30 min session

£70 - 60 min session

£100 - 90 min session

Sessions are payable by cash, card & Google / Apple pay.

I please ask for a minimum of
24 hours notice if you need to re-arrange or cancel your appointment.


This provides sufficient time in order to rebook your time slot for someone else who needs it. Failure to do this will unfortunately require you to pay in full for your session.

I offer a multitude of treatment therapies that are designed to treat the body as a whole and I do NOT just focus on the symptoms, such as the pain and the problem area. I also treat the cause of the problems simultaneously by using the appropriate treatment method or a combination of treatment methods together.

All the techniques involved within my treatment sessions are very safe, and do not involve dangerous and forceful manipulations of any kind.

Sports Massage Therapy E4

Massage - Sports and Deep Tissue

Sports massage is designed to increase range of motion, leading to enhanced performance. It decreases muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise or physical activity. It reduces recovery time post injury. Sports massage also increases levels of relaxation and reduction in physical and psychological stress levels.

Deep tissue massage will work out the knots from stressed, overworked muscles and connective tissue (fascia) to alleviate immediate pain, as well as chronic joint and muscle pain. It also promotes faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. Works very well in combination with both Electro-Acupuncture and Cupping therapy.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture (Electro - Acupuncture)

Acupuncture can be used to fix long-term internal problems, structural problems, such as muscular aches and pains and to re-energize and restore balance to the body. Extremely fine needles are inserted into specific point locations on the body, which enhances the energy flow and depending on the persons complaint, electrodes can be attached to the ends of needles, (known as electro-acupuncture) in order to increase the stimulation by causing the needle to tremble inside the muscle. This basically in effect is providing an internal massage and is achieved using a low voltage battery operated machine which feels like a tingling / tapping sensation inside the skin. This is not painful but can feel a bit strange.

The needles are usually left in for roughly 20 minutes and the patient can relax during this time. Usually afterwards massage and cupping would be used to gain more effective and quicker results.

Physical Therapy

TuiNa (Physical Therapy and Manipulation Techniques)

TuiNa is great to release stress and tension, re-educate the body and eliminate aches and pains to ensure that you stay pain free. This is done by gentle techniques to correct physical imbalances by stretching and unwinding the body to re-align the muscular and skeletal systems. The practice of massage (Anmo) and Physical Therapy (TuiNa) possibly pre-dates Acupuncture. It is the oldest form of healing known to mankind, which is used to promote growth, repair and drainage. 

Massage is a great way to ease off tight muscles and leave you feeling healthy and relaxed afterwards and can work wonders to help both with physical pain and mental stress.

TuiNa is a broad term that covers many areas of healing which are gentle and safe, such as, acupressure, joint mobilisation, cranial and sacral balancing and muscle testing etc... By using gentle muscle tests to help diagnose the problem areas, a pattern of dysfunction can be built up, which could then be corrected by using a gentle re-pattern applied to the body, amending all physical imbalances and mental traumas. All previous weak tests should then prove strong. Therefore patients are hopefully able to see an immediate response to the treatment.

Fire Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a form of deep tissue massage, which works in the reverse by pulling the skin upwards instead of pressing the skin down, like a traditional massage would do. Cupping has a similar effect to deep massage but without causing the unbearable pain that deep massage can do. The idea is the flame produces heat which creates a vacuum within these special glass cups, which when placed on the body draws the skin up inside of the cup and releases off tight muscles by removing blood stagnation held in the muscles, increasing the circulation of blood and the flow of Qi and removing the toxins held inside of the muscles. 

In China, the cups can be left on a patient for up to 20 minutes, but this can cause very dark purple colour marks in the form of circles to be left on the skin, especially if the muscles are very tight and stagnated to start with or if the patient has a lot of toxins within their body. In England we tend to leave the cups on for a lot less time, as this still has the same effect but doesn't leave quite as dark colour marks on the skin afterwards.

Muscle Testing

Muscular - Skeletal Diagnosis (Kinesiology)

Muscular-Skeletal testing is a diagnostic tool commonly used for diagnosing a patient's structural and even mental problems.  It is used to build up a pattern of dysfunction, which can then be corrected by using gentle re-patterning techniques applied to the body, amending all physical imbalances and mental traumas.  All previous negative tests should hopefully then prove strong on a re-test, enabling the patient to see an immediate positive reaction from the treatment.

Cranial Therapy

Cranial - Sacral Therapy & TMJ Release

The skull has 8 cranial bones and 14 facial bones and they all move independently, however when we are under stress or physical disturbance these bones can jam, which then affects our body’s wellbeing. This is a gentle therapy that can be used on anyone of any age. It is good for relieving stress and tension plus many other things.  These two techniques can be used for many purposes, such as relieving stress and tension, balancing and re-shaping the skeletal system and help to ensure that you stay pain free.

I also provide specialised treatment to help fix problems of the Jaw (TMJ). This works similarly to Cranial therapy but is specifically used to help issues such as pain, misalignment, headaches from the jaw etc...

Belly Massage

Fu Bu Anmo (Stomach massage)


In basic terms, this is a stomach massage which has a wide variety of indications and uses. It balances the physical body structure by direct treatment of the Psoas muscles, it detoxifies the organs, helps to improve the oxygenation of the bodily system by balancing the diaphragm, aids digestion, increases energy within the body, balances emotions and helps regulate bowel movement.

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